Basic Functionality - Architecture #

Extractions are the main entities in Xtract Universal. An extraction is a combination of a source (SAP system), destination (e.g., SQL server) and a defined extraction type (e.g., Table).

A source represents a connection to an SAP System. A destination represents a connection to a target environment.

Using Xtract Universal contains two main phases:

  • Design phase
  • Execution phase


During the design phase the user can create and modify extractions, sources and destinations; and alter the server settings with the help of the Designer. During the execution phase the user can execute the extractions designed in the design phase. The execution of the extractions takes place on the server. Depending on the target environment an execution can be triggered either by the XU command line tool - xu.exe or xu.elf by the data consumer. See also Pull and Push Destinations.


Installation and Update


Download and Evaluation