This page shows how to organize extractions in groups to improve maintenance.

Group Extractions #

Follow the steps below to create a new group and add extractions to the group.

  1. In the tree view of the Designer, right-click the extractions folder. The context menu opens.
  2. Click New subfolder. The window “Create new subdirectory” opens.
  3. Enter a unique name for the extraction group and click [OK]. The new subfolder is displayed in the tree view. Nested groups are supported.
  4. To add extractions to the subfolder, open the list of extractions in the extractions folder (or any other subfolder) and select all relevant extractions. Use [CTRL]+[left mouse button] to select multiple extractions.
  5. Drag and drop extractions from the list of extractions into the new subfolder.

The treeview in the main window of the Designer reflects the folder structure in the directory C:\Program Files\XtractUniversal\config\extractions.

Tip: You can assign an SAP source system or a destination to all extractions within an extraction group by using [Ctrl]+[A] to select all extractions in the group. To assign an SAP source system, use the GUI button [Source]. To assign a destination, use the GUI button [Destination].

Rename or Delete Groups #

Right-click a group to open the context menu. Click Rename to rename the group. Click Delete to delete the group and its content.

Look Up Extractions #

Search within an Extraction Group

Use the search bar above the extraction list to filter the displayed extractions. Wildcards (*) are not supported.


Search in all Extraction Groups

Follow the steps below to look up an extraction in all extraction groups:

  1. In the main window of the Designer, click [Search]. The window “Search Extractions” opens.
  2. Enter the name of a group, extraction, extraction type, source system, destination or a keyword in the search bar.
  3. Click magnifying-glass. Search results are displayed.
  4. Select an extraction from search results.
  5. Click [Go].

The corresponding extraction group opens and the extraction is is selected.