About licensing concept of Xtract Universal #

The following graphic shows the on which workstations the installation of Xtract Universal with a valid license required.

Xtract Universal is licensed per Windows server responsible for extractions. A demo license is automatically installed with the installation of Xtract Universal.
A regular license is provided after purchasing the product. The product license is bound to your company and a specific server name.
If you run Xtract Universal Designer and Xtract Universal Server on different machines, it is only necessary to replace the license on the server.

Installing the Xtract Universal license - XtractUniversalLicense.json #

For installing the regular license, place the regular XtractUniversalLicense.json into the following directory of the server:
C:\Program Files\XtractUniversal

A restart of the Xtract Universal service is no longer necessary.

Tip: To inspect your current license data, go to the main menu bar of the Xtract Universal Designer and choose [Help] > [Info] or press F12.


Prior to Xtract Universal version 2.99.0 license files were delivered as .dll files. The procedure for replacing a .dll file license is similar to the .json file procedure, but a restart of the Xtract Universal service is required.