Xtract Universal will be installed along with a trial license. To see the details of the license, please go to Help -> Info.


Since Xtract Universal version 2.99.0 the license files are delivered as json text files. For updating a license or replacing a trial license with a regular license, just place the json file in the server’s application directory (default is C:\Program Files\XtractUniversal). A restart of the Xtract service is no longer necessary.

Prior to Xtract Universal version 2.99.0 license files were delivered as .dll files. The steps for replacing a license are the same as with json files. However with .dll licenses a restart of the Xtract service is required.


If you run XU Designer and XU Server on different machines, it is only necessary to replace the license on the server. The server name is part of the regular license.