About the licensing concept of Xtract Universal #

A demo license is automatically installed with the installation of Xtract Universal.
A regular license is provided in the costumer portal - My Theobald Software after purchasing the product.

The product license is bound to your company and a specific server name. The following graphic shows the on which workstations the installation of Xtract Universal with a valid license required.

The license defines the following properties:

  • The name of the server that runs the Xtract Universal Server.
  • The destinations to which you can extract data to.
  • The number of extractions you can define.

These properties are checked when the XtractUniversal Server runs an Extraction.

Note: The number of defined extractions and other license information is displayed in the status bar of the Designer.

Recommendation: According to our experience medium-sized businesses use less than 100 extractions.

Installing the Xtract Universal license - XtractUniversalLicense.json #

For installing the regular license, place the regular XtractUniversalLicense.json into the following directory of the server:
C:\Program Files\XtractUniversal

A restart of the Xtract Universal service is not necessary.
To inspect your current license data, go to the main menu bar of the Xtract Universal Designer and choose [Help] > [Info] or press F12.


Moving a License to a new Server #

When moving your setup to a new server, a new license file must be issued for that server. Contact our sales team at sales@theobald-software.com to let us know the name of the new server.

For more information on the migration process, see Migration to a Different Machine.