The follwing section describes the extraction parameters can be changed in the window “Run extractions”.

Extraction parameters

To open “Run extractions” window, select an extraction in the main window of the Designer and click [Run] (see details in Running an extraction).

Subsection “Parameters” Tab “Extraction” #

The amount of the parameters depends on the extraction type and destination. e.g., decimalSeparator is a parameter specific to CSV destination.

Parameter name Parameter description Special information
clearBuffer to clear/keep the result buffer default value - false
preview to enable/disable preview mode default value - false
source to dynamically select the source SAP system from which data is extracted (e.g., SAP_DEV and SAP_PROD). Applies only when more than one SAP system is used. -
destination to dynamically select the destination to which extraction is written (e.g., db_1 and db_2). Applies only when more than one destination is used. -
rows to set the maximum number of rows to be extracted available in Table
where to set the where clause available in Table
packageSize to set the package size available in Table
decimalSeparator to set a symbol between integer and fractional part available in CSV
columnSeparator to set a symbol which indicates the start of a new column available in CSV

Subsection “Parameters” Tab “Source” #

Source parameters

In this tab you can override the values that are defined in the SAP source details.

Parameter name Parameter description
lang to dynamically change the logon language of the source SAP system
logonTicket to dynamically change the ticket issuer of the SAP logon ticket

Note: The parameter logonTicket can only be set, only if SAP logon ticket is selected as authentication method in the SAP source details.

Subsection “Parameters” Tab “Custom” #

Note: The tab “Custom” is only active, when a variable with @-symbol is defined in the WHERE clause.

To set the pre-defined parameter, check the box and enter the desired value.

Custom parameters