This step is optional and shows how to display the extraction result in a web browser to make sure that the extraction runs properly and delivers the appropriate result.

Defining the extraction properties #

  1. To open the extraction settings, click [Run]. Extraction-Run The window “Run Extraction” opens.
  2. Specify details of the execution with parameters, if needed.

To set the extraction parameters #

  1. In the window “Run Extraction”, select the checkbox of the parameter you want to override.
  2. Enter the value. The actual request of the data occurs via URL:
    • Before changing a parameter: http://localhost:8097/?name=random_table
    • After choosing the parameter rows: http://localhost:8097/?name=random_table&rows=100
  3. To run the extraction in a browser, click [Run in Browser]. The settings change during runtime, no new start is necessary.

Note: Additional parameters such as Package size or Row limit etc. are described in section Extraction settings.