Variables can be set as user-defined (custom) runtime parameters of an extraction. The following example shows how to use user-defined variables as filter values in a WHERE condition.

In the following steps, the SAP standard table T001W (Plants/Branches) is used. The basic setup of a table extraction is described in section Defining a Table Extraction.

Creating user-defined variables #

  1. Select the tab WHERE Clause and enter the user-defined variables @PlantLow and @PlantHigh as well as Open-SQL operators, e.g. T001W~WERKS BETWEEN @PlantLow AND @PlantHigh. Extraction-User-Variables
  2. Click [OK] to confirm the input.
  3. Click [Run]. The window ‘Run Extraction’ opens.
  4. Switch to the tab Custom (1) of the runtime parameters. The variables are recognisable by the @ sign.
  5. Enter the values and confirm by pressing the enter key. Run-Extraction-Custom-Defined-Parameters
  6. The values for the run-time parameters are taken from the extraction URL.
  7. Click [Run in Browser] (2) to execute the extraction.