DeltaQ Customizing in SAP #

Using the DeltaQ component requires customizing in SAP, see Customizing for DeltaQ.

Settings in the DeltaQ Component #

When an RFC Destination is set up in SAP, the RFC destination and the RFC target system must be entered.



Click magnifying-glass to look up an RFC destination or enter the data of your RFC destination manually:

The name (or IP address) of your SAP system.
Make sure that the Gateway host is the same as in your SAP Connection.

The gateway service is generally sapgwNN, where NN is the instance number of your SAP system, e.g., a number between 00 and 99. NN must have the same value as the System No field in your SAP Connection or the instance number in your SAP logon.

Program ID
The name of the registered RFC server. Make sure that the registration of the Program ID and the host is whitelisted in the reginfo ACL on the SAP Gateway, see SAP Blog: RFC Gateway Security.

Log. Destination

Click magnifying-glass to look up a logical RFC target system or enter the name of the RFC target system manually.

Customizing Check #

In the main window of the component click Customizing Check to validate the DeltaQ customizing on the SAP system. Make sure that all check makrs are green.