Click the Extraction Settings link to open the Extraction Settings dialog.


Use Batch
The report is executed in batch mode (choose this option for reports that have ALV output).

Batch Timeout
Defines the time period (in seconds) how long the report may run in the background until the task aborts.

Batch Job Name
Defines the name of the background job in the SAP system.

Spool Destination
Defines the name of the spool destination (printer).

Custom Function
Defines the name of the function module, if it does not have the default name (Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT).

Automatic Column Detection
Activates the automatic mechanism. In this case, the component tries to detect the columns of the report automatically. The manual setting of the columns is not necessary.

Pattern for header detection
Defines a search pattern (e.g. header) to detect the table header. If automatic column detection is enabled.

Pattern for skipping rows
Defines a regular expression as a search pattern to skip rows from the result.
This setting allows e.g. skipping header rows that will be repeated in some reports.
To skip rows that contains the term DESCTEXT or LONGTEXT, set the value DESCTEXT | LONGTEXT.
For further information about regular expressions please refer to the Microsoft Online Help.