The following section gives an overview of the functions accessible from the main window of the Xtract ODP component. ODP Component

Functions Overview #

The window “ODP” contains the following subsections:

  • Operational Data Provider (1) - Search and display the name of the source object.
  • Additional info (2) - Displays the ODP provider context and the data type of the source object.
  • Update mode (3) - Defines the update mode, full or delta update.
  • Fields (4) - Allows selection and setting of the filter options for extractors.
  • Preview (5) - Click [Load Live Preview] to display real-time preview of the extraction data.


  • General Settings - The General Settings include security, encryption and keys.
  • Show active subscriptions - Displays details of the subscriber process.
  • Edit runtime parameters - Defines runtime parameters that can be used as placeholders for data selections.
  • Advanced Settings - Includes the package size for the extraction.
  • [Load Live Preview] - Button to display a real-time preview of the extraction data without executing the extraction.
  • [Refresh Metadata] - Performs a new lookup. Existing extraction settings are retained, which is not the case when performing new lookups manually.

Note: Use [Refresh Metadata] to renew metadata. This is necessary if a data provider has been adjusted in SAP, another source system has been connected, or the source system has been updated.