An extraction has two types of settings. The Extraction Settings include settings that affect only the respective extraction type, while the General Settings are the same for all extraction types and determine common settings. You can find information about General Settings in chapter General Settings.

Opening Extraction Settings #

Within the window “Define data source for SAP Tables” click Extraction Settings. The window “Table Settings” opens.


Note: if a technical SAP user does not have authorization rights to access ENLFDIR table, the following warning appears:
Could not load list of available function modules because permission for table ENLFDIR is missing.
After confirming the warning, the user can still adjust the extraction settings.

Table Settings #

The window “Table Settings” consists of two subsections:

  • Extraction Settings
  • Function Module

Extraction Settings #

Package Size
Specifies the number of records retrieved per data package. Optimal values can be found by trying out. The default value is 20000 lines. A package size between 15000 and 50000 is advisable for large amounts of data. 0 means no packaging. Not using packaging can lead to an RFC timeout for large data extracts.

Recommendation: Especially when executing a table extraction as a background job (see Extract data in background job), the package size plays an important role and should be chosen with regard to the total amount of data.

Row limit
Specifies the maximum number of extracted records. 0 Extracts the entire table.

Function Module #

Specifies the name of the function module used for data extraction. The field is filled automatically depending on which function modules are installed on your SAP system.

Recommendation: For better performance and restriction avoidance use the function module from Theobald Software Z_THEO_READ_TABLE. See also SAP Customizing.

Extract data in background job
If this checkbox is checked, the table extraction is executed as a background job in SAP. Extract data in background job setting is optional and is supported in combination with function module Z_THEO_READ_TABLE as of version 2.0. Activate the setting Extract data in background job for long-running extractions with a very large amounts of data that may run into a timeout error (“Time limit exceeded”), when using the foreground mode.

Tip: the extraction jobs can be found in the SAP JobLog (SM37) under the JobName theo_read_table.