The Xtract for Alteryx Table data source is used to extract data from SAP tables and views and process it in Alteryx in the usual way.

The table component is also used to join several tables (and views) on the SAP side.
Possible scenarios would be to join tables with header and item data (for example, a purchase order or invoice) or tables with master data and texts (for example, a material).
The corresponding SQL command is generated dynamically and executed on the SAP server.

The component can use standard SAP function modules to extract data from a single table and view.
However, we offer our own function module, which extracts the data more efficiently and solves many problems of the SAP standard function modules.
Joining tables is only possible with our own function module.

So if you’d like

  • want to have better performance when extracting the data, or
  • Extract large tables and views, which is impossible with the standard function module, or
  • have further restrictions with the SAP standard function module (data type, table type, and so on) or
  • Want to join several tables then you have to install the function module supplied by us in the SAP system and use it.

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