The following section describes the functions of the BW Hierarchy component of Xtract for Alteryx.
The component BW Hierarchy enables the extraction of hierarchies from an SAP BW system.

Tip: To get information on the basics of Xtract for Alteryx, refer to Getting Started with Xtract for Alteryx.

How to use the Xtract Hierarchy component #

  1. Drag & drop the “Xtract Hierarchy” component to your Alteryx workflow.
  2. Select an SAP connection, navigate to Selected Extraction and click [Edit]. The main window of the component opens.

The majority of the functions of the component can be accessed using the main window.

Functions overview #

The window “Hierarchy Extractor” consists out of two subsections:

  • Hierarchy Extraction
  • Preview

Hierarchy Extractor

Hierarchy Extraction

Within the subsection Hierarchy Extraction you can search for SAP BW hierarchies using [Search] (magnifying glas icon). Hierarchy search

Date To
The default value for the field Date To is 99991231. To change the value, click [Run] and override the value.


The Preview subsection displays the fields of the selected SAP BW hierarchy, when clicking the [Load Live Preview] button. Hierarchy preview


  • [Extraction Settings] opens the extraction specific settings e.g., representation or level count.
  • [Load Live Preview] loads a preview of the hierarchy without executing an extraction.

More information on working with the Xtract Hierarchy component is provided in the following sections.

Defining a Hierarchy Extraction

Extraction Settings