The following section gives an overview over the installation of a custom function module/ABAP framework and customizing of the SAP System.

Custom Function Modules / ABAP Framework on SAP System #

The Custom function modules/ABAP framework are delivered as a part of Theobald Software products. The custom function modules /ABAP Framework can be installed using the transport requests (see below). For the following components an installation of a custom function module/ABAP framework in SAP is required:

  • Table - For most tasks, the installation of an ABAP framework is recommended or required (see below).
  • Comming soon: Report - The installation of a custom function module is required.

Transport Requests #

The Theobald Software transport requests need to be imported into SAP by your SAP Basis team.

The following transport requests can be found in the ABAP subfolder of the installation folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\XtractProduct\ABAP):

  • Comming soon: - contains custom function module for the Report component
  • - contains custom function module, ABAP classes and different DDIC objects for the Table component;
    for SAP_ABA version >= 740SP05
  • - contains a custom function module, ABAP classes and different DDIC objects for the Table component;
    for SAP_ABA version 640 - 740 SP05

For more detailed information about installing the transport request, see the knowledge base article How to import an SAP Transport Request or check the SAP help.

RFC_READ_TABLE Restrictions #

Especially with older SAP releases you may encounter a few restrictions when using the SAP standard function module (RFC_READ_TABLE) for table extraction:

  • The overall length of all columns to be extracted must not exceed 512 bytes.
  • Depending on the SAP version there may be other restrictions. It is not possible to extract data from tables that contain one or more columns of the data type f (FLTP, floating point), DEC (decimal, e.g. for percentage) or x (RAW, LRAW).
  • Poor extraction performance with larger tables.

If the above-mentioned restrictions hinder your work, install the Theobald Software custom function module Z_THEO_READ_TABLE on your SAP system.

Warning! Error while converting value ‘*.0’ of row 1530, column 3
The SAP standard module RFC_READ_TABLE for table extraction can only extract the ABAP data type DEC to a limited extent. This leads to the mentioned example error during extraction.
Use the function module from Theobald Software Z_THEO_READ_TABLE.

Installing the ABAP Framework Z_THEO_READ_TABLE #

There are two transports, one for SAP systems >= 7.40 SP5 (, and one for systems with a lower version (

  • contains version 1.x (till 1.11) of Z_THEO_READ_TABLE - the single custom function module.
  • contains version 2.x of Z_THEO_READ_TABLE - the custom function module, a number of ABAP classes and other DDIC objects.

Note: Take a look at the README.txt in the installation directory (e.g.,C:\Program Files\XtractProduct\ABAP\README.txt) before installing any custom function modules.

When importing the Z_THEO_READ_TABLE-before_740SP05 on older SAP releases a syntax error may occur. Contact Theobald Software support and send the dedicated error message text.

Testing the module in SAP #

Warning! Generating Short Dumps
The function module Z_THEO_READ_TABLE can only be called by Theobald products due to the callback function of the module. Testing the function module on an SAP system is therefore not possible.