The extraction of reports requires the installation of a custom function module in your SAP system.
If you cannot install the function module, turn to your SAP Basis team for help.

Note: As of version 1.2 of the custom function module Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT access to reports must be explicitly granted, see Authority Objects for Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT.


Install the function module using the transport request
The transport request is located in the following installation directory: C:\Program Files\[XtractProduct]\ABAP\Report\

The transport request needs to be imported into SAP by your SAP Basis team.

Authority Objects for Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT #

As of Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT version 1.2 access to reports must be explicitly granted.
There are 2 ways to verify that the SAP user is allowed to extract a report: