To Search for a BW Hierarchy #

  1. In the main window of the component navigate to subsection Hierarchy Extraction and click Search (magnifying glass symbol)(1). The window “Hierarchy Lookup” opens. Define-Data-Source-Hierarchy
  2. In the field Hierarchy Name (2) enter a name of an extractor using wildcards (*), if needed. Look-Up-Hierarchy
  3. Click Search (magnifying glass symbol) (3) and select the extractor of your choice from the displayed list (4).
  4. Click [OK] (5) to confirm.

Click [Extraction Settings] to define hierarchy settings.

To Preview Selected Hierarchy #

Click [Load live preview] (6) to display a live preview of the data without executing an extraction.


The displayed hierarchy has a parent-child format, therefore the output columns are fixed. The output has always the following columns for every hierarchy:


NodeID ParentNodeID FirstChildNodeID NextNodeID InfoObjectName NodeName NodeText
Unique node key Key for parent node Key for first child node Key for next node in the same hierarchical level Name of InfoObject behind the corresponding node The node’s (technical) name The descriptive text in the respective logon language (only when FetchText is set to true in the settings)

The original hierarchy of PM_COUNTRY in SAP looks as follows: