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Xtract for Alteryx is a plug-in for Alteryx Designer and Server. Xtract for Alteryx enables integrating data from the SAP system into the data flow of your Alteryx solution.

Available Components #


Tip: For a short introduction into the product, see Getting Started with Alteryx.

Extraction Types #

The following extraction types are available within Xtract for Alteryx: Xfa_components

  • BAPI - calls BAPIs and RFC function modules and can be used for read and write access to SAP.
  • BW Cube - extracts data from BW Queries and BW Cubes, MultiProviders and other InfoProviders.
  • BW Hierarchy - extracts hierarchies from SAP BW systems.
  • ODP - extracts data from DataSources, CDS views, BW objects, and HANA Views using Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) framework.
  • Report - extracts data from most standard and custom ABAP reports and SAP transactions.
  • Table - extracts data from SAP tables and views; allows joining several tables on the SAP side.

Note: An SAP Connection is a requirement for using any of Xtract for Alteryx components.

Depending on the type of SAP source system, there are different scenarios when using the components: The overview below shows you for which component read (R) and write (W) rights are available.

Component ERP BW
BW Cube   R
BW Hierarchy   R
Report R R
Table R R

Note: Further scenarios and combinations are possible.

More information on functions of Xtract for Alteryx is provided in the following sections:

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BW Cube

BW Hierarchy

ODP (Operational Data Provisioning)




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