With the Transaction component, SAP transactions can be accessed, configured and parameterized for automation.
The integration type Transaction is currently marked as “Preview” and is not fully functional. Future versions will work with any SAP transaction code.

Prerequisites #

The SAP connection asigned to a transaction service must use an SAP dialog user.

Tip: The transaction feature offers the same functionality as the SAP GUI. Therefore knowing how to navigate the SAP GUI makes it easier to use the transaction feature.

Running SAP Transactions #

  1. Create a new Service of type Transaction.
  2. Enter a transaction code (1) and click [Start] to run the transaction. Content from the SAP GUI is displayed.
    Click [Stop] to cancel a running transaction.
  3. Fill out the input fields as you would in the SAP GUI.
  4. Click [Submit] (2) to enter your input. All executed actions are logged in the section GUI Steps (3).
  5. Click [Save] once all actions are completed.

Note: When editing a Transaction service you have to rebuild all actions of the transaction. It is not possible to edit single GUI steps.