The following section describes the functions of the Xtract OHS component of Xtract IS.
The Xtract IS OHS Compomente is an SSIS data source that can be used to run OHS InfoSpoke and/or OHS process chains to receive the data.

Tip: To get information on the basics, refer to Getting Started with Xtract IS.

How to use the Xtract OHS component #

  1. A valid connection manager connected to a SAP system must be defined, see section Connection Manager.
  2. Drag the appropriate component from the toolbox and drop it to your data flow task.
  3. Double-click the [icon] of the component. The main window of the component opens.

The majority of the functions of the component can be accessed using the main window.

More information on working with the Xtract OHS component is provided in the following sections.

Defining an OHS Extraction