Xtract IS is a plug-in for the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). It cannot be used outside SSIS,

so that a SQL Server license is required, even if the SQL Server database is not used.

The Xtract IS component suite offers you a total of 10 different modules for the SQL Server integration services.

This provides you with the complete range of data extraction for different SAP objects.


Using the components

In the overview below you can see for which components read (R) and write (W) rights are available.

The required license for using the different components in SAP ERP and SAP BW can also be found in the table.

Component ERP BW Enterprise
Table R R X X
Table Join R R   X
Query R   X X
ABAP Report R     X
DeltaQ R R   X
BW Cube   R X X
Hierarchy   R   X
OHS   R   X
BW Loader   W   X

Here you can find the following chapters:

Requirements and Installation

Xtract IS for Azure

SAP Connection

Xtract IS Table

Xtract IS Table Join

Xtract IS BAPI

Xtract IS Query

Xtract IS Report

Xtract IS BW Cube

Xtract IS Hierarchy

Xtract IS ODP

Xtract IS DeltaQ

Xtract IS Open Hub Service OHS

Xtract IS BW Loader

The BI Notification Server

SAP Customizing