Xtract IS is required when developing and running SSIS packages. Make sure to install Xtract IS on both types of machines:

  • On the development machine running Visual Studio / SQL Sever Data Tools. Development can be performed on several machines.
  • On the machine running the SQL server, which is used for deploying and running the packages.

Recommendation: A regular update of the software is crucial for stable performance, especially major changes and high ([H]) priority updates. Check the Version History for updates. A newer version can be installed over the older version.


Prerequisites #

  • SSIS / Visual Studio Extentions are installed

Note: administrator permissions are required to install Xtract IS.

To use Xtract IS, the file XtractISSetup.exe must be executed and installed both on the local development environment (Visual Studio or SSDT) and on the SSIS server. For more information, see section Licensing.

Product Version #

When installing a product by Theobald Software, the version of the product is displayed in the installation menu. We recommend installing the latest version

To check the version of a product that is already installed, go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features in Windows. Find the product in the list of installed software. The product version is displayed in the column Version.

Interactive Installation #

Interactive installation is the standard procedure with GUI. Execute the XtractISSetup.exe file and follow the instructions of the setup program.


The Xtract IS Setup installs Xtract IS as a plug-in into SSIS.

The license installation procedure is described in the section Installing the license.

Installation Directory Files

The list below shows several most important files that are placed into the default directory C:\Program Files\XtractIS after installation:

Filename Description
ABAP Directory Directory with SAP function modules. Read the readme.txt within the directory for more information. See also SAP Customizing.
XtractISSetup.exe Application for installing and registering the Xtract IS components within SSIS.
XtractISConversionPreparer.exe Tool, which prepares older version of SSIS packages (containing Xtract IS components) for migration to newer versions of SSIS. See also section SSIS Migration.
xis_version.bat Starts the XtractISVerisonInfo.exe to display and read the currently installed version.
XtractLicenseManager.exe Application to manage and view licenses.
Uninstall Xtract IS Tool for uninstalling and removing Xtract IS with all its components from your machine.
gac-uninstall.bat For debugging only. Tool to clear the GAC of all Xtract IS related components in case of installation issues.
Eula_XtractIS.rtf Document containing the license agreement for the use of the software Xtract IS.
XtractISLicense.json License file with information about the server, the component and runtime.
UninstallDllLicense.bat For older license files. See Updating the Xtract.License.dll to XtractISLicense.json

Unattended Installation #

The installation of Xtract IS and the Xtract License Manager can be initiated without the GUI in a non-interactive mode.


To execute the installation in silent mode, use the switch –unattended .


Note: All switches are case sensitive.


To execute the License Manager in silent mode, pass the path to the license file as a command line argument.

Wait until Installation is Complete

XtractISSetup.exe and XtractLicenseManager.exe are Windows applications, meaning the Windows Command Prompt does not wait until the installation is complete.

To wait until the installation is complete, use the start command with the /wait switch.


start /wait XtractISSetup.exe --unattended
start /wait XtractLicenseManager.exe "C:\Program Files\XtractIS\XtractISLicense.json"

Displaying the Xtract IS components within Visual Studio #

After a successful installation of the Xtract IS, the Xtract IS components are automatically available in the SSIS Toolbox of a Data Flow Task in your Visual Studio Integration Services project.