Installing an update (or a newer version) on a test environment #

To install a newer software version over an existing version, follow the steps below.

  1. Recommendation:
    • Use a working test environment with a valid license and maintenance
    • The test environment is a copy of the current production environment
    • Update of the software regularly, especially for major changes and high ([H]) priority update recommendations in the version history
    • Create a backup of the current installation, see the corresponding section below
  2. Before updating, check the Version History and release notes in the knowledge base.
    • Make any necessary preparations and changes as described in the Release Note / Version History, especially for major changes and high priority ([H]) update recommendations.
    • You can subscribe via email to Theobald Software’s regular newsletter that informs about changes in the version history and release notes.
  3. First install the current version of the software on the test environment and test the new version carefully.
    • Test all your existing projects.
    • After a successful test, follow the steps to install the current version on the production environment, see the corresponding section below.
    • In case of an error, contact Theobald Software’s support team via email: You can reinstall / reuse your backup until a solution is provided.

Installing an update on a production environment #

After sucessfull installation and test of the update version on the test environment, follow the corresponding steps described above for the production environment. Make sure to create a backup beforehand and make any necessary preparations and changes.

How to install a new version? #

A newer version can be installed over the old version. It is not necessary to uninstall the previous version. New versions are available via our customer portal.

How to create a backup? #

Create a copy of all SSIS packages that use Xtract IS. Theobald Software recommends to create backups at regular intervals to easily switch back to the previous version, if necessary.

Make sure to note the product version you are currently using to switch back to the same version in case of an error.