About licensing concept of Xtract for Alteryx #

The following licensing options are availabe for Xtract for Alteryx:

  • Desktop license - for using with the Ateryx Designer
  • Server license - for deployment on the Alteryx server

A demo license is automatically installed with the installation of Xtract for Alteryx.
A regular license is provided, after purchasing the product.

Installing the Xtract for Alteryx license - XtractForAlteryxLicense.json #

Xtract for Alteryx license files are delivered as json text files. To update or replace a demo license with a regular license, replace the “XtractForAlteryxLicense.json” in the application directory.
Default directory is C:\Program Files\XtractForAlteryx. XfA license file

To inspect your current license data, click About within the configuration window of any Xtract for Alteryx component.

License information