Prerequisites #

Note: Administrator permissions are required to install Xtract for Alteryx.

  1. Install Alteryx Designer before installing Xtract for Alteryx.
  2. Close Alteryx Designer and then install Xtract for Alteryx as described in the following section. Closing Alteryx Designer ensures that the Xtract for Alteryx components are installed properly.
  3. Reopen Alteryx Designer and check if Xtract for Alteryx components are available.

Product Version #

When installing a product by Theobald Software, the version of the product is displayed in the installation menu. We recommend installing the latest version

To check the version of the installed product, go to Settings > Apps in Windows and check the product version.

Installation of Xtract for Alteryx #

The installation program XtractForAlteryxSetup.exe is an industry standard installation routine. Execute the XtractForAlteryxSetup.exe file and follow the instructions of the installation program.

Xtract for Alteryx Installation

Note: During the setup you need to specify the installation directory for Xtract for Alteryx and also the installation directory of Alteryx. If you have multiple instances of Alteryx installed, choose the instance on which you want to use Xtract for Alteryx.

After installation of Xtract for Alteryx the setup creates the following entries and extensions in the Alteryx installation directory:

  • Alteryx\Settings\AdditionalPlugins\XtractForAlteryx.ini
  • Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\icons\categories\XtractForAlteryx.png
  • Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\DefaultSettings.xml

A regular update of the software is crucial for stable performance. Check the Version History for updates. A newer version can be installed over the older version.

Unattended Installation #

The installation can be initiated without the GUI in a non-interactive way via the Windows Command Prompt.

To execute the installation in silent mode, use the switch --unattended.
Use the start command with the /wait switch to wait until the installation is complete.


start /wait XtractUniversalSetup.exe --unattended

Note: All switches are case sensitive.

Installation Directory Files #

The list below shows several important files that are placed into the default directory C:\Program Files\XtractForAlteryx:

Filename Description
ABAP directory Directory with SAP transport requests (.zip) and a README file (.txt).
XtractForAlteryxSetup.exe Main installation application that installs Xtract for Alteryx as a plug-in to the Alteryx Designer / Server running on the system.
Uninstall Xtract for Alteryx Shortcut to uninstall and remove Xtract for Alteryx with all its components from your machine.
Eula_Xtract_for_Alteryx.rtf Document containing the license agreement for the use of the software Xtract for Alteryx.
XtractForAlteryxLicense.json License file with information about the server, the component and runtime.
XtractForAlteryxSetup.log Log file to see the exact modifications performed on your system and check whether any errors occurred during installation