Prerequisites #

Note: Administrator permissions are required to install Xtract for Alteryx.

  1. Install Alteryx Designer before installing Xtract for Alteryx.
  2. Close Alteryx Designer and then install Xtract for Alteryx as described in the following section.
    Closing Alteryx Designer ensures that the Xtract for Alteryx components are installed properly.
  3. Reopen Alteryx Designer and check if Xtract for Alteryx components are available.

Installation of Xtract for Alteryx #

The installation program XtractForAlteryxSetup.exe is an industry standard installation routine. Execute the XtractForAlteryxSetup.exe file and follow the instructions of the installation program.

Xtract for Alteryx Installation

Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Libraries and VC++ 2013 Runtime Libraries are installed during the setup. These libraries are prerequisites for using librfc32.dll (Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Libraries) and sapnwrfc.dll (VC++ 2013 Runtime Libraries).

Beta Version

If you have a beta version of Xtract for Alteryx installed on your machine, use uninst.exe to uninstall the beta version. Beta version may not be compatible with the released versions.

Installation Directory Files #

The list below shows several most important files that are placed into the default directory C:\Program Files\XtractForAlteryx:

Filename Description
ABAP directory Directory with customer-specific function modules (.txt) corresponding to SAP transport requests (.zip).
Theobald.Alteryx.Installer.exe Application for installing Xtract for Alteryx as a plug-in to the Alteryx Designer / Server running on the system.
XtractForAlteryxSetup.exe Main installation application that extracts the files and starts Theobald.Alteryx.Installer.exe internally
uninst.exe Tool for uninstalling and removing Xtract for Alteryx with all its components from your machine.
Eula_Xtract_for_Alteryx.rtf Document containing the license agreement for the use of the software Xtract for Alteryx.
XtractForAlteryxLicense.json License file with information about the server, the component and runtime.
XtractForAlteryxInstallComponents.json A metadata file, which contains Information about Xtract for Alteryx (e.g., Name or Keywords for searching within the Alteryx Designer)
XtractForAlteryxSetup.log Log file to see the exact modifications performed on your system and check whether any errors occurred during installation