The installation process copies the class library, the LINQToERPSetup and all a few tools into your program files directory. The following list explains the most important files. All files marked with (*) may be redistributed to customers together with your application.

Files Explanation
ERPConnect35.dll (*) The ERPConnect class library for .NET 3.5 SP1 or higher
ERPConnect45.dll (*) The ERPConnect class library for .NET 4.5.2 or higher
ERPConnect35.xml ERPConnect45.xml Visual Studio documentation files
TransactionRecorder.exe Small tool to record batch sequences and create appropriate .NET code (see Batch Input Background Processing)
IdocSchemeGenerator.exe Small tool to generate XML schemas for IDocs (see XML-Support for IDoc programming)
FunctionTemplateGenerator.exe Small tool to generate XML templates for RFCFunction objects (see Improve your Perfor-mance by Using Templates)

After the installation you are able to use ERPConnect in your .NET environment. If you want to use the LINQ Designer, please run the right LINQToERPSetup for your VisualStudio environment. Details you can find in the LINQToERP chapter.