Using XML templates can improve the performance of your application by loading the complete object hierarchy from an XML file.

How to Create an XML Template #

The ERPConnect installation package includes the tool Function-Template-Generator that generates reusable XML templates for Function Modules and BAPIs.

  1. To start the Function-Template-Generator, run the FunctionTemplateGenerator.exe in the ERPConnect directory C:\Program Files\ERPConnect.
  2. Enter the name of a Function Module or BAPI that you want to use as a template and click [Generate XML Template].
  3. The window “SAP Login” opens. Enter your SAP credentials and click [OK].
  4. Save the XML file to your local hard drive.

How to Use XML Templates #

  1. Create an XML template using the tool FunctionTemplateGenerator.exe located in the ERPConnect directory.
  2. Add the XML file to your project as a resource.
  3. Load the XML file into your program as shown in the C# example code below.
    Now you can use the FRFCFunction-object instead of using the CreateFunction/CreateBAPI methods.
using (R3Connection con = new R3Connection("SAPServer", 00, "SAPUser", "Password", "EN", "800"))
    RFCFunction f = new RFCFunction("BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL");
    f.Connection = con;

    StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(