Warning! Deprecated component As of Visual Studio Version 2019 the LINQ to SAP add-on is not supported anymore.

LINQ to SAP is an exclusive add-on for ERPConnect that integrates Microsoft’s Language Integrated Query (LINQ) to provide native data querying capabilities. The add-on comes with a Designer for more user-friendliness.

LINQ to SAP is an exclusive add-on for ERPConnect. It builds internally on ERPConnect and does not exist as a stand-alone tool. Thus any existing ERPConnect code is always compatible with LINQ to SAP. To distribute a finished application to customers, give them is the ERPConnect35.dll (or higher). No other .dlls are needed.

Technical Prerequisites #

  • Microsoft.NET 3.5 (or higher). Previous .NET versions do not support LINQ.
  • Visual Studio 2008 or higher (excluding Express).

More information on working with LINQ to SAP is provided in the following sections.

Installation and First Steps


Function Modules and BAPIs

SAP Query