The following section describes the settings of the Xtract ODP component that can be accessed through the main component window “ODP”. ODP Component

Subscriptions #

Click Show active subscriptions to display details about subscribers.

Tip: the information displayed in the “Delta Subscriptions for product” window can also be viewed in SAP transaction ODQMON.

Column name Explanation
Queue Technical name of all subscriptions of a specific Theobald Software Xtract product (e.g., Xtract Universal).
Process Technical name of a subscription
R. (number of requests) Number of executed delta requests
Last request Timestamp of the last delta request
Created Timestamp of the init request

To delete a subscription, click on the dustbin icon on the right side of the window.

Edit Parameters #

Click Edit Parameters to create or edit dynamic runtime parameters.

  1. To display editing function for the parameters, depending on the product, click Edit Parameters either at the top or at the bottom of the window “Define data source for SAP ODP”.
    The window “Edit Runtime Parameters” opens.
    ODP Add parameters
  2. Click [Add] (1) to define parameters which can be used as placeholders for data selections. These placeholders need to be populated with actual values at extraction runtime. This allows you to dynamically set filters at runtime.
    Tip: Parameter0..-n is the default naming for the added parameter. You can enter a name of your choice (see the given example: “p_MATNR”).
  3. Click on the drop-down menu (2) and assign one of the following data types to a parameter. The data types can, but don’t need to correlate to SAP data types.
    • String: This data type can be used for any type of SAP selection field.
    • Integer: This data type can be used for numeric SAP selection fields.
    • Flag: This data type can only be used for SAP selection fields, which require an ‘X’ (true) or a blank ‘‘ (false) as input value.
  4. Click [OK] (3) to confirm.
  5. To use the parameters as selection criteria, choose an item in the subsection Fields and click [Edit] (4). The window “Edit Selections” opens.
  6. Click [Add] (5). Filtering option fields open.
  7. Click the icon next to the Low and High input fields (6). If there are runtime parameters, a parameter icon is displayed next to the input fields.
    Clicking the icons switches the between entering actual input values and entering parameters.
    ODP Selection With Parameters
  8. To check the defined parameters, click [Load live preview].
    If you have assigned parameters as selection filters, you are prompted to populate the parameters with actual values.
    ODP provide values

Advanced Settings #

ODP Advanced Settings

Package Size
The extracted data will be split into packages of the defined size. If the package size is 0, SAP uses the default ODP Packaging size. Die default package size is 14400000 bytes.

Make sure that your SAP version includes the necessary notes, see Technical Prerequisites.

Adjust currency decimals
Use this option when working with currencies/quantities without decimal points e.g., JPY, KRW, etc. If this option is active all decimal places are maintained after data conversion.

Make sure a currency field is selected for reference.