The following section shows how to use the ODP component.

Look up for a Data Object #

  1. Within the main window of the component “Xtract ODP” navigate to Operational Data Provider and click [Search] (magnifying glass icon) (1).
    The window “Operational Data Provider Lookup” opens. Datasource Sales Document Item Data (2LIS_11_VAITM)
  2. In the field Name (2) enter a name of an extractor using wildcards (*), if needed.
  3. Select a Context (3). Depending on the connected SAP source system there are differences in available provider context.

    ODP context SAP Source objects
    ABAP Core Data Services [ABAP_CDS] - CDS Views
    SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse [BW] BW/4HANA:
    - DSO / aDSO
    - CompositeProvider
    - InfoObjects
    - Query as InfoProvider
    BW systems:
    - CompositeProvider
    - InfoCubes
    - Semantically partitioned objects
    - HybridProviders
    - MultiProviders
    - InfoSets
    SAP HANA Information Views [HANA] - Analysis Views
    - Calculation Views
    - Associated Attribute Views
    DataSources/Extractors [SAPI] - DataSources and Extractors
  4. Click [Search] (magnifying glass icon) (4) and select the extractor of your choice from the displayed list (5).
  5. Click [OK] (6) to confirm your input.
  6. Optional: Create selections by activating or deactivating fields (7). To add filters click the [Edit] option next to the fields. If your data source is Hierarchy, see Select Hierarchy for filter options.
  7. Click [Load live preview] (8) to display a live preview of the data without executing an extraction. Datasource Preview
  8. Before executing an extraction, check the extraction settings.

Update Mode #

Full update:
Extracts the data in full mode

Note: The Delta update option is ready for input only if the ODP provider in the SAP source system supports delta updates, see official SAP Documentation.

Delta update:
Runs a delta initialization, if no delta initialization is available for selected subscriber. Runs a delta update, if there is a delta initialization for the selected subscriber.

  • On delta initialization
    Checking the Extract data checkbox, allows extracting data when running a delta initialization. Leaving the checkbox unchecked runs a delta initialization without extracting data.
  • Auto-sync subscription
    Allows deletion of the existing subscription and creates a new subscription, if required. Each extraction has an internal ID, which is part of the subscriber. If you change the filter of an extraction after the delta initialization, the Auto-sync subscription option automatically deletes the existing subscription and creates a new one. A subscription is deleted, if the error message “Illegal change in selection parameters” returns from the SAP system.

Delta recovery:
Re-runs the last delta update

Selections and Filters #

Filtering options are located under subsection Fields in the main window of the component.
ODP Fields

The number of defined filters, e.g. [1], is displayed in the square brackets to the left of the field name under Selections.
Choose a field under Selections and click [Edit] to define a filter.
The window “Edit selection” opens.
ODP ABAP CDS View Filter Within the window “Edit selection” you can add new, edit and delete existing filters.