Select Data Source #

As shown in Defining an extractor, select in the editor “Look Up OLTP Source” by using the [Suche] (Lupensymbol) an OLTP Source Name.

Example: Data source 0COSTCENTER_0101_HIER. DeltaQ-Hierarchy-001

In the editor “Look UP Hierarchy Details” select a Hierarchy Name.

Example: Hierarchy Name 0001C2000 DeltaQ-Hierarchy-002

In main window “Extract SAP DataSources and Extractors” displays the structure that is the same in every hierarchy.

Click on [Extraction Settings] to set the language of the hierarchy. DeltaQ-Hierarchy-003

Preview Extraction #

Click on [Run] to display the Run Extraction window and enable the Preview runtime parameter DeltaQ-Hierarchy-004

NodeID is the sequential number of a node in the hierarchy. NodeName is the actual value. The hierarchy can be reconstructed with the ParentID and ChildID. Short/Medium/Long Text can be found in the backend area.

Tip: Unlike attributes and transactions, hierarchies do not have to be activated.