Custom Properties #

The Custom Properties define the properties unique to the component. When parameterizing the component using SSIS variables, the Custom Porperties are overwritten.

List of relevant Custom Properties:

Property Comment
CubeName Corresponds to the field Cube Name in the BW Cube component, see Defining a BW Cube Extraction.
DelimiterForMultipleSSISVariableValues Delimiter for multiple input variables, see Variables in Parameterizing using SSIS Variables.
IgnoreMDXErrors If set to true, MDX errors do not lead to SSIS errors.
MDXVariable Enter an SSIS variable in the MDX textbox and fill the SSIS variable with the complete MDX statement, see MDXVariable in Parameterizing using SSIS Variables.
StringConversion See Settings - String Conversion.

Parameterizing Using SSIS Variables #

SSIS variables store values that an SQL Server Integration Services package and its containers, tasks, and event handlers can use at run time.
To use SSIS variables for parameterization of Xtract components, place an @-symbol before the variable name.

The following example shows how an SSIS variable named @vDate is used as a parameter in an Xtract component:

  1. Choose an input field that supports SSIS variables.
  2. Instead of entering a fixed a value, enter an SSIS variable using the @-notation.
  3. Open the SSIS variables window and add an SSIS variable with the same name, but without the @-symbol.
  4. Make sure to select the correct data type.
  5. Use the variable by entering values directly into the Value field or by assigning dynamic values in SSIS.

Available Parameters for SSIS Variables

List of input fields that allow entry of an SSIS variable:

Field Name Comment
Variables Enter an SSIS variable to fill a BEx variable, see Variables.
For BEx variables of type Multiple Single enter a single SSIS variable, set a delimiter for custom property DelimiterForMultipleSSISVariableValues, enter multiple single values in the SSIS variable separated by the delimiter.
Member Filter Enter an SSIS variable in the field Variable, see Filter. The SSIS variable can be filled with multiple single entries separated by comma.
MDXVariable Enter an SSIS variable in the MDX textbox and fill the SSIS variable with the complete MDX statement.