In Central Administration you will find the ERPConnect Services group with the following functions:

  • Manage Licenses (also see Installing a License)
  • Manage Objects
  • Test Application Proxy
  • Version History


ERPConnect Services Objects

Select this function to display the ERPConnect Services objects that were created on the SharePoint server.


This page should not be used to create or delete service objects. It is mainly intended for the Product Support team to assist with technical problems.

Test Application Proxy

Select the Test link next to the ERPConnect Services Application name to check the connection to the application proxy. Select the Test SAP link to check the connection to the SAP system.

ECS-SP-ECS-Test ECS-SP-ECS-Test-Success

To run successfully the SAP connection test be sure of the following:

  • the service “Claims to Windows Token Service” must be running (CA -> Manage services on server).
  • the Windows Services “Claims to Windows Token Service” must be running.
  • the farm account and each other tester (e.g. CA admin) must be a member of the local group “WSS_WPG”.

After any changes restart IIS.

Version History

Select the Version History link to show a list of product versions and the changes that were introduced.