Business Integration Apps are web applications developed with ERPConnect Services – Theobald Software’s SAP/SharePoint connectivity platform – which can be directly installed on your local SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online and then made available to users.

With Business Integration Apps it is possible to execute different kinds of SAP functionalities like transactions or reports and also self-service applications within your SharePoint environment. The seamless integration of SAP processes in SharePoint brings you closer to an integrated and uniform business platform.

The apps allow for the users without special SAP knowledge to perform complex processes directly in SharePoint – on-premises or in SharePoint Online. There is no need for training or special instruction courses to use the applications because operation is easy and intuitive.

Furthermore the apps are functioning on all prevailing devices like desktop-pc, tablet or smartphone. The responsive design allows the applications to adapt to their respective interfaces.

At the moment Theobald Software already provides a number of Business Integration Apps for selected SAP areas. You can obtain the following apps at Theobald Software and easy implement it at your company:

The above listed applications are ready-to-use templates that demonstrate the possibilities of application development with ERPConnect Services and ERPConnect Services Runtime respectively. Feel free to customize or enhance the applications to your individual needs or to develop your own Business Integration Apps.

Theobald Software will gladly support you and give you advice on this topic.

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