The Nintex integration scenarios Travel Request and Travel Expenses are two ready-to-use SAP business integration solutions developed by Theobald Software and Nintex.

In the Travel Request scenario employees can request business trips with their estimated costs. After successful approval by the responsible manager the travel request is posted to the SAP system generating a trip number.

In a second step employees can enter their travel expenses for the created business trip using the Travel Expenses scenario. The entered travel expenses are posted to the SAP system after approval. It is also possible to create a completely new expense report without prior travel request. By entering the right SAP personell number also a personell administrator could create the expense report for the employee.

The travel scenarios run completely in SharePoint and Nintex. SAP integration has been accomplished with Theobald Software’s Call SAP Function Action.

Both scenarios can be used as templates. You are free to adjust or enhance the solutions according to your individual requirements.

System requirements

Installing the solution

Configuring the solution