Using HAVING-clause #

The HAVING clause can be used to filter groups of rows, see SAP ABAP Documentation: SELECT-HAVING.

The following example shows how many materials are assigned to a material type (MTART). After applying the HAVING-clause the preview shows only the material types with more than 10 materials assigned.

Note: Aggregate functions are only supported for numeric field types, which is why the field BRGEW (Gross Weight) is used in the example.

  1. Select an aggregate function (1) for a field you want to use in the HAVING-clause.
  2. Navigate to tab HAVING Clause (2).
  3. Enter the HAVING-clause.
  4. To display the results in the Preview section, click [Load live preview]. Extraction-Settings-01

Note: When fields with the same name exist in different tables, the field names must be formatted as [table name]~[field name], e.g., MAKT~MATNR. This can be the case with table joins.

HAVING Clause Syntax #

With regard to syntax and formulas, the same rules apply as for the WHERE Clause.