RFC_READ_TABLE Restrictions #

Especially with older SAP releases you may encounter a few restrictions when using the SAP standard function module (RFC_READ_TABLE) for table extraction:

  • The overall length of all columns to be extracted must not exceed 512 bytes.
  • Depending on the SAP version there may be other restrictions. It is not possible to extract data from tables that contain one or more columns of the data type f (FLTP, floating point), DEC (decimal, e.g. for percentage) or x (RAW, LRAW).
  • Poor extraction performance with larger tables.

If the above-mentioned restrictions hinder your work, install the Theobald Software custom function module Z_THEO_READ_TABLE on your SAP system.

Installing the ABAP Framework Z_THEO_READ_TABLE #

Note: Read the README.txt placed in the installing folder (e.g.,C:\Program Files\XtractProduct\ABAP\README.txt) before installing any custom function modules.

Warning! Faulty custom module import The transport request version must comply with the SAP_ABA version, otherwise an error occurs during the import procedure. For older SAP releases, use the older transport request: Z_THEO_READ_TABLE-before_740SP05.

When importing the Z_THEO_READ_TABLE-before_740SP05 on older SAP releases a syntax error may occur. Contact Theobald Software support and send the dedicated error message text.

  • Z_THEO_READ_TABLE-before_740SP05.zip contains version 1.x (till 1.11) of Z_THEO_READ_TABLE - the single custom function module.
  • Z_THEO_READ_TABLE.zip contains version 2.x of Z_THEO_READ_TABLE - the custom function module, a number of ABAP classes and other DDIC objects.