The following section describes the functions of the BAPI Component of Board Connector.
Basic Board Connector the knowledge is required to understand the following sections.

Warning! Missing Authorization To use the BAPI component, access to the designated authority objects (RFC) in SAP must be available. For more information, see the knowledge base article on SAP User Rights: BAPI.

Tip: To get information on the basics of Board Connector, refer to Getting Started.

How to use the BAPI component #

  1. Create a new extraction by clicking [New] in the main window of the Designer. The window “Create Extraction” opens.
  2. Select an SAP connection from the drop-down menu in Source and enter a unique name for your extraction.
  3. Select the extraction type / component and click [OK] to confirm. The main window of the component opens automatically.

The extraction is now listed in the main window of the Designer. Double click the extraction to open the main window of the component. The majority of the functions of the component can be accessed using the main window.

More information on working with the BAPI component is provided in the following sections.

Defining a BAPI Extraction

Input and Output Values

Runtime Parameters