The following section shows how to use the Table component.

Look up a Table #

  1. In the main window of the component click [Add] to add a table. The window “Table Lookup” opens.
  2. In the window “Table Lookup” enter the name of the table to extract (1). Use wildcards (*) if needed.
  3. Click magnifying-glass (2). Search results are displayed.
  4. Select a table (3) and click [OK] (4).

All relevant metadata information of the table is retrieved from SAP. The application now returns to the main window of the component.

Set Up a Table Extraction #

Set up the Table component to extract SAP tables:

  1. Optional: Join multiple SAP tables, see Table Joins.
  2. Select the columns you want to extract. By default all columns are selected. Deselect the columns you do not want to extract.
  3. Define a WHERE clause or a HAVING clause to filter table records. By default all data is extracted.
  4. Click [Load live preview] to display a live preview of the first 100 records.
  5. Check the General Settings and the Extraction Settings before running the extraction.
  6. Click [OK] to save the extraction.

The extraction can be run, see Execute and Automate Extractions.