Follow the instructions on how to set up 3rd party extensibility for Azure-SSIS IR. Only the part with setting up an Azure storage container and creating a Shared Access Signature is relevant.

Download, unzip and place Xtract IS for Azure setup in the storage container created previously. The setup consists of 2 files: XtractISSetup.exe (downloadable from our website or customer portal) and main.cmd.


Before starting up the IR, make sure you reference the Custom Container SAS URI created above:

“When you provision or reconfigure your Azure-SSIS IR with PowerShell, before you start your Azure-SSIS IR, run the Set-AzureRmDataFactoryV2IntegrationRuntime cmdlet with the SAS URI of your container as the value for new SetupScriptContainerSasUri parameter” as outlined here.


When you provision your Azure-SSIS IR via the Azure Portal UI, enter te Custom Container SAS URI in the respective field, as outlined here.

XISforAzure_Poral_CustomSetupContainer Finally, start the Integration Runtime. ATTENTION: The startup process of the IR might take 20 to 30 minutes.