Follow the instructions on how to set up 3rd party extensibility for Azure-SSIS IR. Only the part with setting up an Azure storage container and creating a Shared Access Signature is relevant.

Download, unzip and place Xtract IS for Azure setup in the storage container created previously. The setup consists of 2 files: XtractISSetup.exe (downloadable from our website or customer portal) and main.cmd.


When running a trial version of Xtract IS for Azure, you only need to place those two files in the storage container. After purchase, we will provide you with a license file. This file will then also need to be placed in the storage container.

Before starting up the IR, make sure you reference the Custom Container SAS URI created above:

“When you provision or reconfigure your Azure-SSIS IR with PowerShell, before you start your Azure-SSIS IR, run the Set-AzureRmDataFactoryV2IntegrationRuntime cmdlet with the SAS URI of your container as the value for new SetupScriptContainerSasUri parameter” as outlined here.


When you provision your Azure-SSIS IR via the Azure Portal UI, enter te Custom Container SAS URI in the respective field, as outlined here.

XISforAzure_Poral_CustomSetupContainer Finally, start the Integration Runtime. ATTENTION: The startup process of the IR might take 20 to 30 minutes.