To enable calls from an SAP system to a subsystem, the subsystem must be known to SAP.
This can be done with an RFC destination.

Setting Up an RFC Destination #

An existing RFC destination is necessary for calling BAPIs/Function modules.

  1. Use the transaction SM59 to create a new RFC destination.
  2. Fill the following fields of the destination: Maintain-RFC-Destination-001
    • Unique name of the new destination e.g., ERPTEST.
    • Connection Type = T (for TCP/IP).
    • Description.
    • ProgramID: A unique name that the server program uses to register on the SAP gateway.
    • Choose the option Registered Server Program.
  3. Save the destination.
  4. To test the RFC-Destination, click the button [Test Connection] while the program is running.
    If everything works well, you should see a screen like the one below: rfcdestination02

An example for a simple RFC server program can be found in section RFC-Server

Note: If the RFC Destination is set to Unicode, the property IsUnicode of the RFCServer object must be set to true.