An extraction has two types of settings: the Extraction Settings include settings that affect only the respective extraction type, while the General Settings are the same for all extraction types.

Opening Extraction Settings #

In the window “Extract delta records from tables” click Extraction Settings. The window “Table Settings” opens.


Initial Load #

Package size

The extracted data is split into packages of the defined size. The default value is 50000 lines.
A package size between 20000 and 50000 is advisable for large amounts of data. 0 means no packaging. Not using packaging can lead to an RFC timeout for large data extracts.

Warning! RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE - No more storage space available for extending an internal table:
To avoid a memory overflow on the SAP source system and to avoid huge overheads, choose a package size that suits your memory capacity.

Extract data in background job

If this checkbox is checked, the initial load is executed as a background job in SAP. Activate this option for long-running extractions with a large amount of data that may run into a timeout error (“Time limit exceeded”), when using the foreground mode.

Tip: The background jobs can be found in the SAP JobLog (SM37) under the JobName THEO_READ_TABLE.

Warning! Shared Memory ran out of memory!
If this error message pops up when running an extraction in the background, adjust the size of the Shared Memory. SAP recommends a Shared Memory size of 800MB~1.5GB for a production/test system or 2GB~4GB for S/4 systems, see SAP: How to solve SYSTEM_NO_SHM_MEMORY runtime error.

Background job timeout (seconds)

Background job timeout (seconds) sets a timeout period for extractions that run in background mode.
The default value is 180 seconds. The maximum timeout value is 3600 seconds.