If some errors occur, debug logging (tracing) information may be required to analyze the issue. To activate tracing please follow those steps:

  1. Fill in a path (e.g. C:\Temp\Trace) in the field Trace Directory in the SAP connection Manager. To open the SAP connection manager, select the designer menu Server -> Manage Services. Select your SAP connection and click Edit.
  2. Reproduce the error. XML Files are created in the folder specified with the tracing information.
  3. Compress the folder to a zip file (e.g. Trace.zip) and sent it to our support.
  4. After reproducing the error delete the entry in the field Trace Directory since tracing is not needed anymore.


Please note that the debug logging usually should be activated by request of the support team.
There are plenty of information that will be collected. This can decrease the capacity of your hard drives dramatically.
Please note that the default logging is independent of the debug logging settings.
The default logging will be accessed even if the trace directory entry in the connection manager is left blank.