Unlike the other components, the Report component requires the installation of a custom function module in your SAP system before use.

If you can’t do this on your own, please ask your SAP system administrator for help.

SAP transport #

You can either use SAP transport file (thtrans.zip), which can be found in the ABAP subfolder of the installation folder of our software.

Manual installation #

Alternatively, do a manual installation of the function module as outlined below:

First, create a new function group to place the function module in (name it ZXTRACT or change the name if you like). Create a new function module called Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT. Set the attribute remote enabled to true.

The screenshots below show how the import, export and tables parameters that must be created.





Copy the source code from the file Z_XTRACT_REMOTE_REPORT.txt into the text box for the source code using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. You can find the file in the installation directory or download it here.

Now the function module is ready to be used.

If you are interested in how the function module works, have a look at the source code. Each step (Execution, Job Monitoring, Spool Reading etc.) is commented there.



Instead of using the SAP delivered data type TAB512 for the LIST_OUTPUT Tables parameter, you can create your own custom Z data type. This is needed in cases where the length of one report output row exceeds 512 characters. The maximum length is 1023 characters.


Exceptions #

Caution: The report throws a LIST_FROM_MEMORY_NOT_FOUND exception when the report returns an empty result.