To access the extraction settings, click Settings in the main window of the component. The window “Hierarchy Settings” opens.

Extraction Settings #


Remove Leading Zeros:
If this option is active, all leading zeros in the column NodeName of the leaves are removed. NodeName can then be used in a JOIN-condition with the corresponding Dimension-Key of a BW Cube extraction.
The conversion works for compound InfoObjects, too. Example: 0CO_AREA (1000) and 0COSTCENTER (0000003100) become 1000/3100.

Fetch description texts:
Sets the node text in the column NodeText based on the system language settings.

Natural Settings #

Note: the subsection Natural Settings is only active, when the Representation is set to Natural.

Level Count:
Defines the maximum number of levels. The following example shows a Hierarchy with four levels.

Leaves only:
Returns only the leaves as data records.

Fill empty levels:
Copies the bottom element of the Hierarchy until the last level. The following example depicts the previously shown Hierarchy with the activated Repeat Leaves option.

Description texts for levels:
Sets the output field LevelTextN for each field LevelN containing the text based on the system language settings.

Debug #

Enable Debug Logging:
Adds more detailed logs for the Xtract Hierarchy component to the extraction logs. Activate Enable Debug Logging only when necessary e.g., upon request of the support team.