yunIO provides a Windows service for the communication with the SAP system and comes with an embedded Web UI, the yunIO Designer.
The yunIO service is installed on a local or cloud-hosted Windows server environment.

Setup #

Note: Administrator rights are required to install yunIO.

yunIOSetup.exe is an industry standard setup. Execute the yunIOSetup.exe file and follow the instructions of the setup.

When starting the setup the following components can be selected during the installation.


Component Sub Component Description
Main Product Files   All required files to use yunIO.
Install Service Installs the server component as a windows service.
Start Menu Shortcuts - Component that adds shortcuts to the start menu.
Enable .NET updates via Windows Update
for Windows Server Edition.
- Adds a registry entry that automatically updates .NET.
Open the yunIO Designer after installation - Opens the yunIO Designer in your standard web browser.

For information on how to install a license, see License.

Enable .NET updates via Windows Update for Windows Server Edition

This setup option is only available on Windows Server Editions and only if the option is not already active.
It adds a registry entry ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NET]//"AllowAUOnServerOS"=dword:00000001) that automatically updates .NET via Windows Update. To deactivate this option, delete the registry entry.

Program Directory Files #

The list below shows several important files that are placed into the default directory C:\Program Files\Theobald Software\yunIO after installation:

Filename Description
logs directory Directory with server and extraction etc. logs.
config directory Directory containing all SAP connections, extractions and other settings.
Uninstall yunIO shortcut Shortcut for uninstalling and removing yunIO with all its components from your machine.
yunIOSetup.exe Setup of the currently installed version.
yunIOLicense.json License file with information about the component and runtime.

New Installation and Update #

Warning! Data loss: System updates or changes can restrict software functionalities and this may lead to data loss. Create a backup of the directory: C:\Program Files\Theobald Software\yunIO\config at regular intervals.

A regular update of the software is crucial for stable performance, especially major changes and high ([H]) priority updates. Check the Version history for updates. A newer version can be installed over the older version. All settings and created objects are preserved.

Update Preparation

  1. Check if you have a working test environment with a valid license.
  2. Make sure that the test environment is a copy of the current production environment.
  3. Check the Version History and release notes in the knowledge base to check, if an update is needed.
  4. Create a backup of the current installation.
  5. Conduct any necessary preparations and changes as described in the Release Note / Version History.

Tip: Subscribe via email to Theobald Software’s regular newsletter that informs about changes in the version history and release notes.

Version Number #

To check your current version number, navigate to About menu in the yunIO Designer.
The version number is displayed next to the page title.