In this section we will extract a BEx query and a BW hierarchy and create a relationship to link both data sources.

Step 1: Create an BEx query extraction.


Check the General Settings:


For more information refer to Define a BW Cube Extraction.

Step 2: Create a BW hierarchy extraction.


Check the General Settings to get a Natural representation of the BW hierarchy:


For more information refer to Define a Hierarchy Extraction.

Step 3: Load both extractions into Tableau and create a relation between them.



Let’s create a relationship between the data sources linking the fields Sold to party key (bexquery) to Node Name (bwhierarchy).
Select the menu Data -> Edit Relationships. Select Custom and Click on Add. Select Node Name as the primary field. Select Sold to party Key as the secondary field. Click OK.


The data sources are now linked and you can blend data from both data sources on a single sheet.


For more information about defining relationships refer to Tableau Online Help.