In this example we load an extraction into the PostgreSQL database.

Define Extraction

We define an extraction based on table T001W for plants.


Determine destination

We choose a target connection to the database.


Set settings

We accept the default settings.


With the option “Drop & Create” a new table with the name T001W is created. If the table already exists, it may be deleted from the database beforehand.
You can view the SQL statement for it by selecting Custom SQL for Preparation and then clicking Edit SQL.


In the new window select Drop & Create and click on Generate Statement.


Columns are created with the corresponding data type. You have the option of adjusting the SQL statement or changing it. We leave it with the standard option Create & Drop for preparation.

Execute Extraction

To perform the extraction, click the Run button. In the Run Extraction window, click the Run button again.


In the Designer, click Refresh to view the status of the execution. In our example, 239 records have been loaded into the database.

Check the result in the database

In a DB client of your choice, you can view the table structure and content.