The following settings must be defined for the connection to the target database.


Server Name
Name or IP of the database server

TLS Mode

The following TLS modes can be selected for the connection:

Mode Description
Prefer Default Value that uses TLS encryption, if supported by the server. If this is not the case, unencrypted connections are used
Require Xtract Universal forces an encrypted TLS connection to the PostgreSQL server - unencrypted connections are not established
Disable Caution - An unencrypted, insecure connection is established to the PostgreSQL server

Please make sure that the Certification authority (CA) that signed the certificate or the certificate itself is trusted by the client. For further information please see the following link: - Secure TCP/IP Connections with SSL.

Windows Authentication
Uses the service account under which the XU service runs to authenticate itself to the PostgreSQL server, see also Client authentication.

Port 5432 is selected by default

Username Name of the database user.

Password of the database user

Name of the database

Test Connection
Click on the button to test the database connection.