In this example we will load an extraction to Microsoft SQL Server database.

Define extraction

We define an extraction based on the SAP table T001W for plants.


Set destination
we set the destination connection for the database.


Define settings
We apply the default settings.


The Preparation option Drop & Create drops an existent table and creates a new one.
Optional: You can preview the SQL statement or use it as a template for your own SQL statements. Select the list value Custom SQL for Preparation then click on Edit SQL.


In the new dialog select Drop & Create and click on Generate Statement.


Columns will be created using the most appropriate data type.

Run extraction

Click the button Run. In the dialog Run Extraction click again on Run to run the extraction.


Click on Refresh in the Designer to check the execution status. In our example 185 rows has been loaded to the database.


Check the result in the database

Use the SQL Management Studio to see the table structure and content.