The following settings can be defined for the Microsoft SQL Server connection.


Server Name
Specifies the host address of the SQL Server. Please note the following syntax:

syntax e.g.
[ServerName] dbtest
[ServerName],[Port] dbtest,51433

It is only necessary to specify the port if it has been edited outside the SQL standard.

Require TLS encryption
Clientside enforcement for using TLS encrpytion. Adds the following paramenters to the connection string:

Windows Authentication
Uses the service account, under which the XU service is running, for authentication against SQL Server.

Impersonate authenticated caller
Uses the Windows AD user, executing the extraction, for authentication against SQL Server using Kerberos authentication.
For using this functionality a similar configuration as for Kerberos Single Sign On against SAP is required.

User Name
SQL Server authentication - user name

SQL Server authentication - password

Database Name
Defines the name of the SQL Server database.

Test Connection
Checks the database connection.

Database Schema
By default the user’s default schema dbo will be used. To use another schema, you should set it as the default schema for your user on the SQL Server database.