The JSON destination is a generic JSON stream over HTTP.

Adding HTTP - JSON Destination #

  1. In the main window of the Designer, navigate to [Server] > [Manage Destinations]. The window “Manage Destinations” opens.
  2. Click [Add] to add a new destination. The window “Destination Details” opens. JSON-Destination-Details
  3. Select the HTTP - JSON destination from the drop-down list. JSON-Destination-Details
  4. Click [OK] to confirm. JSON-Destination-Details

Destination Details #

The window “Destination Details” consists of two subsections:

  • Name - Extration name
  • Type - Extraction type

Running an Extraction in Browser #

  1. Run the extraction with HTTP-JSON destination in browser (see also Getting Started with Table).
  2. Check the extraction results. JSON-Extraction-in-Browser